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About us


A World Class Academy, promoting Education 6.0 to facilitate the creation of a world of sustainability, equality and peace.


  • Assisting teachers in teaching sustainable ideas through existing syllabus.

  • Supporting students in developing life skills.

  • Helping parents in being another teacher, cultivating humanistic values in the family.

  • Coordinating experts in focusing their knowledge and skills to create a sustainable world.

  • Suggesting schools innovative methods of learning.

  • Lobbying with policy makers in initiating Education 6.0






  • Fostering sustainable living theory and practices

  • Promoting skill development modules

  • Assisting value based learning processes

  • Introducing Education 6.0

What is this website for?

Teachers, Students, Parents and others can contribute their knowledge in one place, so that globally everyone can have free access to it.

What do we believe?

We believe that Education

  • is centered around learning about bio-diversity and cultural diversity and not centered around teacher, student, text books, infrastructure or technology.

  • is the combination of learning processes of experience, reflection, expression and self discovery in a given context. It means that a learner gets IQ (Intellectual Quotient), EQ (Emotional Quotient), CQ (Cultural Quotient), AQ (Adaptability Quotient), SuQ (Sustainability Quotient) and SQ (Spiritual Quotient).

  • should spring out from one's cultural context.

  • should result in sustainable living of people and planet with equality and justice and not for profit oriented accumulation of wealth by a few.

  • is the combination of conceptualization process, visualisation process, actualisation process, Insight process, contextual change process and enlightenment process.

  • is based on dialectical participatory learning methodologies and not a one-way process.

What do you get here?

What can you do here?

  • You can become a member. and view other members.

  • You can start your own groups.

  • You can participate in discussions in Forums.

  • You can create events and view events created by others.

  • You can share files.

  • You can upload pictures and videos in shared gallery.

You get

  • Free Lessons and worksheets on Tamil

  • Free Lessons and worksheets on English

  • Free Lessons and worksheets on Maths

  • Free Lessons and worksheets on Science

  • Free Lessons and worksheets on Social Studies

  • Free Lessons and worksheets on IT Skills

  • Free Value based stories

  • Free Value based songs

  • Free Skill development games

  • Free entertaining dramas

  • Free public speaking skills

  • Free resources on agriculture, technology, fitness, food, medicine, and such variety of topics.

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