International Course on Green Journalism (For All)

Poster Green Journalism V2.0.png

1. What is news? Definition-principles. 

2. Why news? Human beings' awareness instinct-freedom-decision-making

3. How to identify news? News/propaganda/advertisement. Hard/soft news. Misinformation/disinformation.

4. How is news delivered? News gathering-processing-delivery-consumption. 

5. How does news benefit society? Voice of the voiceless-watchdog. News profession-fourth pillar of democracy. 

6. Society and news. Impact-empowerment-development-sustainability.

7. Ethics of news delivery mechanism. Relevance-application. Media ethics vs everyday ethics. 

8. Media regulations. Why regulation? Individual freedom vs media freedom.


9. From where does media gets its power. Use and misuse.

10. Society and social media. What society expects and what is delivered. Benefits of social media. Use and misuse. 

11. Investigative journalism and benefits to people. What is investigative journalism? Application for people's good. 

12. Relevance of media. Will print survive?  Role of visual and online journalism in sustainable development.