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2024 February 06 - Distribution of Certificates - International Course on Sejahtera

International Course on Sejahtera

The distribution of certificates to students who attended the 'International Course on Sejahtera' organized by JOBA Australia marked a significant milestone in recognizing their dedication to holistic education and well-being. The course, focusing on subjects ranging from bio-farming and healthy food to universal values and 21st-century skills, provided a comprehensive learning experience aimed at nurturing both individual and community well-being.

Testament to Dedication

Participating students, teachers, and leaders from seven schools were honored with certificates, acknowledging their commitment to embracing and implementing the principles and teachings of the course. These certificates served as a testament to their dedication to promoting health, sustainability, and ethical values within their respective school communities.

Throughout the course, participants engaged in diverse topics such as healthy drinks, universal values including respect, integrity, and love, as well as various art forms like puppetry, enriching their understanding and appreciation of holistic well-being. By delving into these subjects, students not only gained valuable knowledge and skills but also cultivated a deeper sense of responsibility towards themselves, their communities, and the environment.

Fostering a culture of health and sustainability

The distribution of certificates not only celebrated the achievements of the participants but also served as a catalyst for furthering the impact of the 'International Course on Sejahtera.' By empowering students, teachers, and leaders with the tools and knowledge needed to promote well-being in their schools and beyond, the course contributed to fostering a culture of health, sustainability, and compassion within educational settings.

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