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2024 March 17 - JOBA Experts visit to Malaysia - Welcome

Updated: Apr 4


JOBA International Experts embarked on a significant visit to Malaysia with a specific agenda aimed at engaging with a diverse array of stakeholders. The primary purpose of the visit was to convene meetings with key figures representing various sectors including educational institutions, NGOs, elected political leaders, academicians, and government educational bodies. The focal point of discussions revolved around the pioneering concept of BIONITY, emphasizing the integration of 'bio-diversity' and 'humanity' into the educational framework.

Australia and India

Led by Uyirmeiyyar, the founder of JOBA Australia, the delegation comprised seven distinguished experts hailing from Australia and India. Their collective expertise and insights contributed significantly to the deliberations on the implementation of the BIONITY concept within Malaysia's educational landscape.

JOBA Malaysia

Mr. Manoharan, serving as the country leader of JOBA Malaysia, and Dr. Kumaran Velu, Advisor, played pivotal roles as the host, facilitating productive interactions and fostering meaningful dialogues among the participants. Mr. Subbarao, Mdm. Selvi, Mdm. Thevi, Mdm. Kalaivani, Mdm. Jeyaletchumi and other members facilitated and supported the visit which underscored the commitment of JOBA International to fostering innovative approaches to education that prioritize environmental sustainability, cultural inclusivity, and holistic human development.

Potential Collaborations

Throughout the visit, fruitful exchanges of ideas, experiences, and best practices took place, laying the groundwork for potential collaborations and initiatives aimed at advancing the principles of BIONITY in Malaysia's educational system. As a result, the visit served as a catalyst for fostering greater awareness and understanding of the interconnectedness between biodiversity conservation and human well-being, paving the way for transformative educational reforms in the country.

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