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JOBA Mastery: Nurturing Excellence through Online Courses

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Gateway to comprehensive learning


Welcome to JOBA, where the realm of online courses unfolds as a gateway to comprehensive learning and skill development. Much like our dynamic approach to Trainings, Seminars, and Workshops, our online courses cater to a diverse audience, including primary school children, young people, teachers, civil society organization members, and individuals passionate about universal values, sustainable living, life and work skills, art, literature, and collaboration.

Online Classes

Flexible Platform   

Our online courses offer a flexible and accessible platform for learners worldwide. Whether you're a primary school student eager to explore universal values or a young professional seeking to enhance life and work skills, our curated online courses provide a rich and interactive learning experience. Participants can engage in insightful discussions, access a wealth of resources, and benefit from the expertise of our international faculty.

Tailored for YOU

The convergence of education and impactful values creates a dynamic learning experience at JOBA Online Classes. Tailored for educational institutions, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Corporates, and Governments, our online courses delve into the five pillars of JOBA - Universal Values, Sustainability Living, Life and Work Skills, Art and Literature, and Collaboration and Cooperation.

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Universal Values   

Uncover the essence of universal values in our courses, exploring themes of empathy, tolerance, and respect for diversity. Delivered through engaging discussions and case studies, this module fosters a foundation of ethical values essential for personal and professional growth.

Happy Gardener

Sustainable Living 

Dive into the world of sustainability with practical modules on eco-friendly practices, environmental stewardship, and sustainable living. Participants gain insights and tools to integrate sustainable practices into their daily lives, contributing to a greener and more responsible global community.

Practicing Martial Arts

Life and Work Skills 

Sharpen essential life and work skills through interactive workshops and simulations. From critical thinking and problem-solving to effective communication and leadership, this module empowers learners with the skills necessary for success in diverse personal and professional contexts.

Art Class

Art and Literature

Immerse yourself in the transformative power of art and literature to convey the values of JOBA. Our courses explore creative expressions that align with the pillars of bionity, inspiring individuals to communicate and connect through various artistic mediums.

Handshake in the Office

Collaboration and Cooperation

Learn the art of collaboration and cooperation through practical modules that encourage teamwork, effective communication, and cross-disciplinary problem-solving. Participants engage in collaborative projects, cultivating a mindset of collective impact within their respective spheres.



JOBA Online Classes provide a dynamic learning environment by integrating education with significant values. The courses offered by JOBA Online Classes are designed to cater to a diverse audience, including educational institutions, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Corporates, and Governments. By addressing JOBA five pillars, JOBA Online Classes aim to offer a comprehensive learning experience that goes beyond traditional education, fostering personal growth, societal engagement, and professional development.

Computer Class

Educational Institutions

Enhance your curriculum with JOBA Online Classes, providing students with a comprehensive and values-driven education. Supplement classroom learning with modules that instill universal values and prepare students for a socially responsible future.

Charity Volunteers

Civil Society Organisations

Equip your team with the tools and values necessary to drive positive change. JOBA Online Classes offer tailored modules that align with the core values of CSOs, fostering a deeper understanding and commitment to their missions.

Stang-up Meeting

Corporate Bodies

Invest in the professional development of your workforce with JOBA Online Classes. Modules on life and work skills, sustainability, and collaboration empower employees to contribute meaningfully to your organization and the broader community.

Outside of a government agency's office in Vietnam

Government Institutions

JOBA Online Classes provide government officials with valuable insights and skills to address societal challenges. By integrating JOBA principles into public policies, governments can contribute to the creation of sustainable and compassionate societies.

Enroll now

Contact us to explore course offerings and enroll in JOBA Online Classes. Whether you're an educational institution, CSO, corporate entity, or government agency, join us in cultivating a community of learners committed to the principles of JOBA.

Volunteer Opportunities
JOBA Online Classes offer a transformative educational experience that transcends traditional boundaries, empowering individuals and organizations to embrace the values of bionity. Elevate your learning journey with us and become a catalyst for positive change in your community and beyond.
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