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Founder's Message


Prof. Dr. John Britto Parisutham



We believe that Education is a transformative force, and Nature is our guiding light. With this understanding JOBA was founded and JOBA Schools were dreamt of. JOBA Schools will function based on this concept. They will be committed to fostering a Nature-Centric Sustainable way of Life.


To help JOBA Schools become a transformative force, JOBA Australia had been established under the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. We embarked on this journey on August 30, 2021, with a profound vision and a holistic approach towards education, sustainability, and well-being.


Our vision is to inspire people “towards nature-centric sustainable way of life”. We would like to achieve this by creating JOBA Schools that would take part in protecting biodiversity by understanding the interconnectedness of all life forms and safeguarding the delicate balance of nature.


JOBA schools would promote life and work skills nurturing the development of children and young minds, instilling essential life skills, knowledge, values, and attitudes for success in education, careers, and social and citizenship aspects.


JOBA schools would foster collaboration and cooperation. They would build bridges between individuals, families, communities, and institutions to advance sustainable living.


JOBA schools would facilitate exposures encouraging studies, research, and publications that promote a Nature-Centric Sustainable way of life.


At the heart of JOBA School's philosophy, there would be this belief that the foundation of human innovation, survival, and well-being lies in the family. They would recognize that schools are extensions of families, serving as the second homes and extended families for children.


JOBA Schools programs would centre around universal values, sustainable living, life and work skills, art and literature, and collaboration.


At JOBA Schools, the emphasis would be the importance of biodiversity, interconnectedness, compassion, equality, sustainability, and well-being.


Driven by the teachings of influential figures like Dr. Nammalavar, Dr. Yvon Amobroise, Prof. Pierre Babin, Tan Sri Zulkifli Abdul Razak and especially of my father the calm and nature loving Mr. Parisutham Masilamani, I was inspired to create JOBA and the JOBA Schools. These mentors instilled values, knowledge, and perspectives that shaped the foundation pillars of JOBA School programs.


Believing in the natural rhythm and laws of the universe, JOBA schools would recognize that humans are as a part of a larger ecosystem. Embracing the resilience of nature, JOBA Schools would advocate for a species-centered perspective, encouraging lifelong learning as the key to adaptability and evolution.


JOBA Schools would be the testaments to the dedication to learning from nature, sharing insights with humanity, and marvelling at the wonders of the natural world.


Join us in our commitment to a sustainable future, where “education is a transformative force, and nature is our guiding light”.


Best Wishes,

Prof. Dr. John Britto Parisutham


JOBA, Australia

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