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International Experts Team

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Prof. John Britto Parisutham

Love to be a philosopher. Believes that if sun has power, planets will circle around. Thinks that every species try to BE and BECOME of its FULLNESS. Want to promote 'natural living' philosophy, by living example. Feeling as an universal species, migrated from India and living in Australia. Hold a Ph.D. in Communication. Obtained four Masters (in Journalism and Mass Communication, Business Administration, Advertising and Public Relations, and Computer Applications) from Madurai Kamaraj University and Bharathidasan University, India after finishing his Bachelors in commerce and banking from Christ University, India. Incorporated John Britto Academy (JOBA) for his educational services and Global Giving Group (3G) for his socio-cultural services in Australia. Promote ‘Natural Living & Equilibrium’ philosophy of life through these organisations. Taught humanities and social sciences subjects in Albukhary International University, Alor Setar, Malaysia, Annamalai University, India after being the Executive Director of Indian Institute of Development, India. Handled seminars, workshops, trainings and camps for teachers, students, parents, social workers and government officers in communication, development and education Beneficiaries include, around 3000 teachers organised by Consumer Association of Penang, Malaysia, Singapore, CEDAC, Sri Lanka, ASSAM and TRIPURA, India; around 3000 trainees organised by CARITAS India; around 6000 teachers organised by National Education Group, Tamil Nadu; and around 20000 Social Workers organised by various NGOS in India and elsewhere. Produced 22 books and short films on the above subjects. Presented and published papers in International forums. Toured 24 countries. Held and holding memberships in Rotary Club International, YMCA, Junior Chamber International, Karl Kubel Institute of Development, Germany. Executed sustainable development and disaster management projects with the partnerships from Govt. of Tamil Nadu, Andheri Hilfe-Germany; Karl Kubel Stiftung-Germany; SWALLOWS-Denmark; European HRF-Belgium; CARITAS INDIA; RSWR-United States of America; Govt. of India; IGSSS-New Delhi; Femme d’ Europe-Belgium; NER-Germany; CAF-Belgium; Misereor-Germany; NHRF-Norway; SOMNEED-Japan; OXFAM-England; CORDAID-Europe; IGSSS-India; MISSIO-Germany; LACIM-France. ***** - Santiago S.png

Mr. S. Santiago

Organisational Strategist

38 years of experience in State, National and International Non Governmental Development Organisations, focusing on Strategic planning and organisational development, responsible for over 100 leading NGO’s in South India. He completed his MA in Sociology in SV University, Andhra. He has attended numorous international conferences and conducted evaluations of NGO’s engaged in Child Rights, gender parity, natural resource management and physically and mentally challenged persons. He has conducted over 300 trainings on the subject of Development Change. He continues to be a consultant in strategic planning for around 10 leading NGO’s in the country.


Ms. Nithya Devi

Experimenting Educationist

7 years - Correspondent and Principal of Kalpathru International School, India  Received 'Best Principal Award', 'Best Learning Environment Award' , 'Top 5 Pre schools in Tamil Nadu Award' Expert in child-centric, nature-centric education methodology, practicing them as culture in Kalpathru International School, India. Interested in making good learning institutions, by example of keeping Kalpathru International School as a model.


Mr. David Sahayarasu

Tamil Literary Expert

35 years of teaching Tamil language in a child-centric methodology. Participated and conducted trainings, seminars and workshops on Youth Empowerment in institutions like AICUF. Lead a publication institution and have published 12 books related to Tamil Language and Tamil community. Read articles in World Tamil Teachers Conferences. Got award in national short story competition in Singapore.  So committed to teaching that no sick leave has been obtained for the past 35 years.

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Ms. Anita Shanthi

Teaching Expert

33 years of teaching experience. She completed her BA in History and B.Ed under Madurai Kamaraj University. Her special interests are career building for children, Gardening, Interior Designing and Cooking. She has trained over 30,000 children, motivating them, enabling and empowering them to acquire a dignified profession in life. One of her life ambition is to lift-up economically backward children and support them in building positive self image. She is also a dancer and drama artist.


Dr. Alagu Annavi

Tamil Arts and Literature Expert

23 years of experience in Tamil art forms. He completed his doctarate in Socio-cultural Philosophy and MA in Tamil Literature. Inspired by his grand father, who pioneered in Folk arts(Oyil Attam). Dr. Alagu has trained over 7000 people coming from around 100 colleges and schools in folk arts during the past 30 years and has written 11 books on Literature, theatre and folk arts. Developing people arts for their development has been his objective in life with special focus on children and youth. Currently he is a professor in Tamil Literature, Government Arts and Science College, Arupukottai. He was part of Language teaching and curriculam development initiated by Umaru Pullavar Tamil Teaching Centre at Singapore. He also participated in Tamil World Conference and FETNA Conference held in USA, 2019.

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Dr. Kumaranvelu

Education & STEM Expert

35 years of experience as an educator. Doctorate in curriculum and instruction. 5 years as Certified Trainer and Certified Coach. Written a book named 'Blue Ocean Strategy in Education'. Vice Chairman- Malaysian Tamil Language Standardisation Council. Chairman - Tamil Poetry Appreciation Club. Advisor- Parvai Kalvi Kalagam. Advisor- Malaysian Tamil Education Development and Welfare Association.

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Ms. Yogeshwari
Sri Lanka

Human Rights Expert

28 years of experience in women empowerment and community development work. Conducts trainings in women's leadership, labour rights and good governance. Wrote many articles in national newspapers and magazines and editor of women's trade union paper and magazine of People's Health Movement. General Secretary of working Women's Front/Trade union. Have experiences on TV and Radio live and recording programmes.

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Mr. Gnanaseelan

Motivation Expert

10 years of experience as a motivational speaker, enlightening students to be better in studies and life. Engaged in the field of Learning and Development for the past ten years. Written books namely 'Nilavil Oru Thural' and 'Journey Towards Pinnacle'. Have received 'Young Achiver Award' by the Thanjavur District; 'Young Achiver Award' by Global Peace Foundation; and 'Human Excellence Award' by FMA Foundation.

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Mrs. Pearlin Ruby

Child Care Expert

26 years of teaching kinder garten. 12 years of leading KG section. With the background of child care studies, expert in story telling and phonics.

Yalona Andrews.jpeg

Mrs. Yalona Andrews

Sustainable Humanist

30 years of experience in management. Finished Masters in Management. Studied at University of Canverra. Involving in volunteering works.

Scott Andrews.jpeg

Mr. Scott Andrews

Entrepreneurial Motivator

Owner of Andrews Office Furniture and conducts motivation classes on Entrepreneurship and Finance.

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Ms. Jeyaletchumi

Parenting Expert

Communication and IT Expert. Home Schooling Consultant 10 years of Mother to Mother Peer support group organiser Contributing to the enhancement and enrichment of Tamil Schools in Malaysia.


Dr. Magimai Pragasam

Soft Skills Expert

30 years of being a reseacher, media trainer and film maker. He completed his MA in Sociology and Mass Communication and Journalism in Indian Universities. He studied communication in the Universities of France and UK. He did his film studies in Mumbai and obtained his doctroate in Anthropology from Madras University. He has trained over 20,000 people in communications and media. He is also specialized in Softskills and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Currently, he is the director of centre for communications and mind management. He has written books in Communication.

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Ms. Abarna

Soft Skills Expert

11 years of training experience in soft skills. She holds MBA in HR and also MA in Journalism and Mass communication under Madurai Kamaraj University. Her ambition is to serve children to become responsible citizens for better world. She is specialized in Softskills. She has given training programs for youths, adults, managers, trainers and business people on communication, stress management, team building, leadership skills. Her passion for skill development in children brought her closer to JOBA Academy.


Dr. Shankarnarayan

Social Change Expert

33 years of working with tribal people, migrant workers, rural women, people with HIV/AIDS, sex workers, orphan children and other disadvantaged group of people in Tamil Nadu. Doctorate in Ayurvedic medicine. Received best NGO award.

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Mr. Francis Simon

Theatre & Media Expert

42 years of experience in street theatre. A pioneer in introducing street theatre techniques in Tamil Nadu. Found Thedal movement and trained more than 5000 theatre artists. Participated in five major Theatre Yathras, promoting democracy, women empowerment, ecology, and human rights.

மாரி தமிழ்ப்பரிதி - Thamizhpparithi Maari_edited.jpg

Dr. Thamizpparithi Maari

Digital Tamil Expert

22 years of training experience in Digital Tamil, motivating students to make Tamil as the first language in Internet world. Worked as District Media and Documentation Coordinator, Total Sanitation Project, DRDA, Kanchipuram District, 2002-2004; State Communication Specialist, World Bank Assisted Tamilnadu Empowerment and Poverty Reduction Project, 2004-2007.; Deputy Director (IEC), Tamilnadu State AIDS Control Society, 2007; State Co-ordinator, Kani Tamil Peravai, Tamil Virtual Academy, 2015-2017. Working as Assistant Professor, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, Periyar University, Salem, 2008-present. Holding a doctorate in tamil proverbs.

Sivasankar - Sivasankar Subramanian_edited_edited.jpg

Mr. Sivasankar Subramanian

Tamil Music Expert

15 years of research and performance in Tamil music instruments. Involving in IEEE, Kombu Performing arts and Research center, ICANN, U.S.A 3 research articles have been published and multiple articles on various international magazines written.

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Mr. Manoharan

Organisational Strategist

32 years of experience in training and management. Finished Masters in Management. Had been a Maganement Trainer and Coach for School Leadership. Conducted workshops and trianings on Strategic Management , ISO 9001 and School Transformation. Being the Deputy Chairman (Board of Governors ) Bandar Sri Sendayan Tamil School Malaysia and the life member of Tamil Foundation Malaysia. Documented Master Trainer certification and a hand book on School Strategic Management. Written artilces on Sustainable Leadership.


Dr. Mahalakshmi

Inclusive Humanist

Doctorate in Transgender Studies and worked as an Assistant Professor for 3 years in department of English. She is serving as Secretary of Transgender Resource Center, Madurai and Managing Editor of TransNews Magazine. Written two books entitled "The Overseas" and "An Unheard Roar". Working to create inclusive, safe and productive ambience in educational institutions for Gender Non-Conforming Children and transgender persons in India.

Mr. Pamayan.jpeg

Mr. Pamayan

Thinai Ecologist

Founder and Director in ADISIL a grassroots sustainable development organisation at MaduraiDeveloping sustainable livelihood models, designing resource materials, promoting alternative marketing model. Secretary in Thaalaanmai (organic) Farmers NetworkNetworking of farmers. Research scholar for Classical Tamil Language Institute - Production of Environmental Encyclopaedia of Sangam Literature. Founder and Proprietor of Millet processing centre (ADISIL SOLAI) and organic farming training centre Honorary trustee in ADISIL organisationPropagation of small millets Provide training to farmers for organic production Promotion of organic farming and Ecological Education Founder/President Pothigai Solai Eco-villageDeveloping work of 100 acre of waste land into productive farm land. Wrote 22 books on farming. More than 500 artilces in local and national newspapers and magazines. Received several awards including life achievement award.

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Dr. Kokila Thangasamy

Education Expert

Dr Kokila Thangasamy is the former Vice Chancellor of Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University at Chennai. Earlier he served as Professor and Director of Centre of Educational Research in Madurai Kamaraj University. He has authored more than 50 books on Education including 7 literary books in Tamil. Currently he is engaged in teaching Tamil to primary school children through Active Learning Foundation. For his book on Child-Centred Education in Tamil has been given the Best Book Award by the Government of Tamil Nadu.

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Mr. Drama Selvam

Theatre Expert

18 years working with children in government and private schools. Helping NGOs in children development programmes. Finished Masters in Social Work. Worked as a Theatre Trainer at Gandhigram Rural University and Dhan Foundation, India. Have received Gandhi Award from Tamilnadu Governor,NDSO, Chennai


Mr. Velmurugan

Media Expert

30 years of experience as a media expert and theatre artist. Worked in Communication Centres such as Sathangai, Madurai, as a trainer and performer in media education and social transformation. Became a co-director for Tamil movies such as Chennai, Dagaalty, A1, and Dhillukku Dhuttu. He completed his studies in commerce and theatre arts. He has been offering training programs in theatre for people from NGO sect