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Country Leaders

Mr. S. Santiago

Organisational Strategist

38 years of (2021) experience in State, National and International Non Governmental Development Organisations, focusing on Strategic planning and organisational development, responsible for over 100 leading NGO’s in South India. He completed his MA in Sociology in SV University, Andhra. He has attended numorous international conferences and conducted evaluations of NGO’s engaged in Child Rights, gender parity, natural resource management and physically and mentally challenged persons. He has conducted over 300 trainings on the subject of Development Change. He continues to be a consultant in strategic planning for around 10 leading NGO’s in the country.

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Ms. Yogeshwari
Sri Lanka

Human Rights Expert

28 years (2022) of experience in women empowerment and community development work. Conducts trainings in women's leadership, labour rights and good governance. Wrote many articles in national newspapers and magazines and editor of women's trade union paper and magazine of People's Health Movement. General Secretary of working Women's Front/Trade union. Have experiences on TV and Radio live and recording programmes.

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Mr. Manoharan

Organisational Strategist

32 years (2021) of experience in training and management. Finished Masters in Management. Had been a Maganement Trainer and Coach for School Leadership. Conducted workshops and trianings on Strategic Management , ISO 9001 and School Transformation. Being the Deputy Chairman (Board of Governors ) Bandar Sri Sendayan Tamil School Malaysia and the life member of Tamil Foundation Malaysia. Documented Master Trainer certification and a hand book on School Strategic Management. Written artilces on Sustainable Leadership.


Ms. Veera Vijayabharathi

Strategist and Teacher

With 28 years of teaching experience and based in Singapore, She has been actively involved in not-for-profit voluntary change-making activities.

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