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About Us

JOBA is an educational academy. It is a platform (online and offline) for learning and living sustainably. It is incorporated in Australia under Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) registered under section 33(8) of the Business Names Registration Act 2011 on 30th August 2021. 

JOBA has a team of honorary experts in multi sectors of education, health, organic farming, technology, psychology, philosophy, human development, media & communication, and art & literature. It has a working collaboration in Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, Australia and Singapore with schools, civil society organisations and intellectuals. It has its sister organisations with youth (Global Giving Group - 3G) in 43 countries.

Children Playing
"Towards Nature-Centric
way of Life"
  • Protecting the bio-diversity

  • Promoting life skills, knowledge, values and attitudes for the children and young people to become better performers in education, career, profession, and in social and citizenship life.

  • Fostering collaboration and cooperation with individuals, families, communities, and institutions to advance sustainable living.

  • Facilitating exposures, studies, researches and publications broad basing Nature-Centric Sustainable way of life.


  • The foundation of human species' creative innovation for its survival, development, sustainability and well being is FAMILY.

  • It is in family and its dynamic onward relationship where lifelong cumulative learning takes place for children and young people that becomes what we call CULTURE.

  • JOBA is committed in facilitating children and young people develop and grow as creative individuals and community beings for sustainable life and wellbeing, in their own respective emotional and natural environment, i.e., families, schools, neighbourhoods, communities and society.

  • JOBA strongly believes that schools are the second homes and the extended families of children.

  • Foundation Pillars of JOBA programmes are:

    • Universal values

    • Sustainable Living

    • Life and work skills

    • Art and Literature, and

    • Collaboration & Cooperation.

School Garden
  • Bio-diversity and Inter-connectedness: Human species, its survival and sustainability are very much connected and intertwined with all other living and non-living beings on this one planet earth.

  • Compassion and Equality: The intelligence and wisdom of human kind, progressing with compassion and equality among all human beings in fullness of life striking a balance between and among human kind and human society.

  • Sustainability and Well-being: Natural resources management and development with wholistic world view for equity of opportunities and wellbeing of all living and non-living things for the generations of human species now and beyond.


John Britto Parisutham, Australia

Having observed the calmness of my father and his intrinsic connection with nature, I started medidating over NATURE and HUMAN LIFE from my early period of life. My father was an embodiment of universal values. My father is my 'first GURU'. Mr. Nammalavar, the bio-farming expert was my second 'Guru' in my early twenties who motivated me to ACT towards social transformation having NATURE as the centre. He introduced me the concept of sustainable way of life. Later Dr. Yvon Amobroise taught me the skill of cultural analysis of human society and opened the world of 'analysis' and analytical perspective. Prof. Pieere Babin, France showed me the emotional world of human and species and opend up the world of art and literature. People like Mohammed Idris of CAP, Malaysia and Tan Sri Zul, Educationist gave me social and educational forums to exercise my knowledge and expertise. It was when I met Dr. Kumaranvelu and Mr. Manoharan, I focused on the Tamil tradition and values and found the answers for present day problems. Mr. Pamayan, Dr. Alagu Annavi and other friends in JOBA gave more clarity in this context. Mr. S. Santiago helped me sharpen my ideas. JOBA was born. I believe in the natural rhythm and laws of the universe (multiverse?). Human kind is part of the universe and every reality and happenings are natural. Life goes on, irrespective of happenings, in Nature. The unknown than known for the humankind is vast. The perspective of Nature should be species-centred than homo sapien-centred. Nature is resilient of changes which happen because of tension between organisms. Humans have to find the natural law, equilibrium, harmony and balance in the chaotic mind and environment, visualise because of ignorance. Believes that every species need to be a life long learner, otherwise our forms will change, though the energy will remain. So, dedicated to learn and share from Nature and Humanity and share with other human beings and wonder at Nature.

Honorary Country Leaders

Manoharan Muthusamy

Country Leader, Malaysia

S. Santiago

Country Leader, India

Yogeshwary K_edited.jpg


Country Leader, Sri Lanka


Veera Vijayabharathy

Country Leader, Singapore

Volunteer Expert Team
WhatsApp Image 2022-08-06 at 10.31.52 PM.jpeg

Dr. Kokila Thangasamy


Pia Lovengreen.png

Dr. Pia Lovengreen


Kumaravalu Ramasamy_edited.jpg

Dr. Kumaranvelu


Yalona Andrews.jpeg

Yalona Andrews


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