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Second Get together - Madurai - 9th & 10th April 2022 - DHAN, Pullothu, Madurai, Tamil Nadu

Updated: May 1, 2023

Report by Mr. S. Santiago, JOBA Country Leader (India)

Humanity and Bionity - Back home after our two days JOBA Meet2, like me, everyone will agree that each expert team member would have a feeling and a sense of having travelled deep within individually and collectively finding the ever glowing and growing Light of Life that inspires us all to share and care not only among ourselves but equally with all the human being across the world starting with JOBA contacts, and all the species and collaboration which may have rippling and multiplying effect over time and space.

While JOBA Meet1 (2022A) at மருதம் farm connected our body and mind, JOBA Meet2 (2022B) have bound the SOUL of each one of that sense hope you all agree with me a perfect journey of Body, Mind and Soul that surface with the contextual power and strength from where every one collaborating with JOBA can experience mutual learning and growing together.


A perfect setting for JOBA Meet2 with all kinds of trees, plants, birds, insects, monkeys in a rural environment of simple life with tasty healthy food side by side seeing and remembering all our yester year leaders Gandhi, Vivekananda, Vinoba, Thiruvalluvar, Avvaiyar and the writings of Tamil literature Kaniyan பூங்குன்றன் etc..

Share and Care

நுங்கு and variety of Tamil traditional snacks and books brought by our friends and the mutual sharing at the beginning of the meeting is a value in itself for JOBA. It was a wonderful start of JOBA Meet2 experiencing the root and the bindings of each one with JOBA as an organisation recently in the last two years but with its Founder each one over decades and interestingly among experts with each other already some years back. Can I call this as a spiritual connection, hope so.


Very intensive deliberations, articulations, discussions then followed triggered by the respective experts with questions, clarifications joyfully internalising the genuineness of our togetherness as JOBA expert team. Natural Living perspective, திணையியல் perspective, Tamil Literature perspective, Mind perspective, dialectical perspective..the knowledge capital asset of JOBA expert team... Wonderfully integrating all the perspectives, JOBA Founder with his unique knowledge and skill facilitated and enabled collectively arrive at 7 Foundational values and Principles of JOBA as an organisation and its program engagements firmly anchored on its Vision and Mission: Natural Living or இயற்கை வாழ்வியல் அறம். That's the wisdom of JOBA Founder each expert team member experiences all through their strong connections all along for many years. I can acknowledge and confirm it and hopefully so from the experiences of each expert team member.


Though the time was fast moving the immediate task of JOBA collaboration with Malaysian Tamil Schools, its program of 3Ps children club proposed, the motivation and the interest shown by 6-7 Tamil Schools Heads anchored efficiently and effectively by Manoharan aiya inspired by Kumaravelu aiya over there was taken up for articulation and discussion. As many as 11 program activities have been suggested to be taken up for discussion with Manoharan aiya and Kumaravelu aiya, Which was done over a Zoom meeting at the end of the Meet. The entire process and the outcome of the Meet was wonderfully briefed to both of them and questions therein were clarified. Hope and believe JOBA intrinsic strong collaboration has in store fructify in due course mutually resulting in growing stronger and stronger all over Malaysian Tamil Schools. It was a joyful revelation for all of us that 3Ps children club could be termed as திணை மன்றம் that came when in Zoom meeting with Manoharan Aiya and Kumaravelu aiya, explicitly and directly going in for institutional culture of இயற்கை வாழ்வியல் அறம் which can be unique, cultural and historical imbibing inspiration to Tamil diaspora all over the world.



Highly focussed and unrelenting consistent engagement of JOBA Founder has now enlarged the scope of JOBA. JOBA now has entered into a new collaboration with NMCT, Coimbatore. NMCT Founder-Director Shankar aiya along with his wife Pushkala amma had come for the JOBA Meet2, we are grateful to both of them and their active participation in the meeting. NMCT besides it's many development programs would like JOBA collaboration in their program with MSW students who regularly come for field placement training with NMCT every year from 5-6 Universities. Already JOBA Founder had a meeting with the HOD of the Universities recently. Both the HOD of Universities and the MSW field placed students with NMCT are open for further exposure and training even in other countries for which JOBA has potential and know-how as JOBA Mission is to build up Human capital resource for development change attuned with its Vision. Interestingly a Zoom meeting had been done with Subbarow aiya, the key person, a high level leader of CAP, Penang, Malaysia in which Shankar aiya, the Founder of NMCT and the high level leader Subbarow aiya had interaction facilitated by JOBA Founder and some expert team member. Further articulation and plans are on the anvil of JOBA.


Interestingly one of the JOBA expert team members Nithya amma, the owner of கல்பதரு International school in Thanjavur is already involved in the formation of her children in her school on the lines of JOBA Foundational Principles. JOBA Founder and Nithya amma already known each other for long time and has mutual appreciation and the spirit of working together. Amazingly one of our expert team member Drama Selvam aiya is already facilitating the children of கல்பதரு International school on request. In this JOBA Meet2 on the interest and motivation of Nithya amma, JOBA is privileged to enter into formal collaboration with கல்பதரு International School. A great feeling and a sense of meaning for all JOBA expert team members as to how JOBA is growing in its scope and it is seen as as great relevance in today's context the increasing need and importance of preparing and the formation of young minds for the future.

Miles to go

Lots of responsibilities are in JOBA shoulder and with all the inspiration and energy let us all move forward. A great feeling and a sense of meaning in life I feel and hopefully each one of us. We can walk holding hands each other drawing power and strength from one another circling around JOBA and its Foundation. Thank you dear friends. Will meet soon. Great to have JOBA Founder, his physical presence than of his virtual presence from Australia. We make best use of the time. All the best every one. *****

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