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SJKT Batu Caves - JOBA Australia - Bionity Collaboration

Mission of the delegation

JOBA International Experts embarked on a significant visit to SJKT Batu Caves, a revered educational institution, with the aim of promoting the integration of the innovative BIONITY concept into the education system. The delegation's mission was to engage with the headmaster, teachers, and students to foster awareness and understanding of the interconnectedness between biodiversity and humanity.

Harmonious start

The visit commenced with a pious visit to the Sri Murugan Temple at Batu Caves, followed by a warm meeting with the secretary of the Batu Caves Temple Administration, symbolizing a harmonious start to the day's proceedings. Upon arrival at SJKT Batu Caves, the team was graciously welcomed by the headmistress and her team, setting a positive tone for the engagement ahead.

SJKT Batu Caves Team

Led by Mr. Victor Asirvadham and his team, the event featured a series of interactive sessions aimed at introducing and promoting the BIONITY concept. Uyirmeiyyar, the esteemed Founder of JOBA Australia, captivated the audience with a storytelling session drawn from Tamil literature, effectively illustrating the core principles of BIONITY. Mr. Manoharan, the dedicated country leader of JOBA Malaysia, elaborated on JOBA Malaysia's efforts to organize programs focusing on bio-farming, health, and other well-being practices for the benefit of children, teachers, and parents.

Captivating Puppet Show

A highlight of the visit was a captivating puppet show performed by Mr. Drama Selvam, Mdm. Shanthi, and Dr. Alahu Selvam, aimed at instilling the values of BIONITY among the students.

Additionally, student ambassadors were identified and honored with badges, recognizing their role as advocates for environmental conservation and holistic education within the school community. Pamphlets outlining the principles of BIONITY were distributed to teachers, further disseminating awareness and understanding of the concept.


A significant outcome of the visit was the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between JOBA Australia and SJKT Batu Caves, symbolizing a commitment to collaboration and partnership in integrating BIONITY into the school's educational curriculum and ethos.

Overall, the visit to SJKT Batu Caves proved to be a fruitful and enriching experience, fostering meaningful dialogue and laying the groundwork for ongoing collaboration in advancing the principles of environmental stewardship and holistic education within the school community.

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