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Discussion on Collaboration with STH IT Consultant Company, Malaysia

Updated: Feb 25

Report on First JOBA Country Leader Online Meeting


The first JOBA Country Leader online meeting was held on 30th April 2023.

The participants

Prof. Dr. John Britto, Founder JOBA, Australia

Mr. Santiago (India)

Mrs. Veera Vijayabharaty (Singapore)

Mrs. Yogeshwary (Sri Lanka)

Mr. Manoharan (Malaysia)

The meeting focused on exploring the means and process of accrediting a 'digital literacy' course in Malaysia.

Meeting Agenda

The meeting agenda revolved around the request of STH ICT Consulting (Malaysia) to accredit their ICT course, which is currently being taken up by over 30 schools as an after-school program. The course consists of eight modules, and the students need to attend two hours of face-to-face classes for a duration of three years. The course is a paid one and is designed to improve digital literacy among students.

Meeting Outcome

During the meeting, it was decided that JOBA would accept the request of STH ICT Consulting to accredit their ICT course. The means of accreditation will be based on 'sustainability thoughts' or 'sustainability index' in STH design course. To initiate the process of accrediting, an expert group discussion is required to identify value-add components and support systems that can be incorporated into the STH run course. The expert group will be invited to a one-off session to discuss the course's sustainability content and identify ways to improve it if required.


Overall, the meeting was successful in addressing the concerns of STH ICT Consulting and need for JOBA to laying out the means and process of accrediting the ICT course. The accreditation of the course will not only benefit STH but also provide opportunities for JOBA to promote sustainability to more schools in Malaysia.

Note 1: In a preview session held on 27th April 2023, the company's chairperson, Mrs. Tilakavaty, and CEO, Mrs. Santhi Achudan, had shared their idea of getting international recognition for their ICT course with the Malaysia Country Leader and JOBA Founder.

Note 2: Mrs. Santhi Achudan, being a former CEO of Bandar Sri Sendayan Primary Tamil School and a member of JOBA Expert Team , has extensive experience in the school management provide valuable insights on JOBA-STH collaboration

Report Prepared by

Manoharan , JOBA Country Leader (Malaysia)

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