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SJKT Vallambrosa Kapar - JOBA Australia - Bionity School Collaboration - NOU Signed

Updated: Apr 8

Bio-diversity and Humanity

JOBA International Experts embarked on a significant visit to SJKT Vallambrosa in Kapar, with the primary objective of promoting the integration of the transformative BIONITY concept into the educational framework. The delegation aimed to engage with the headmaster, teachers, and students to foster awareness and understanding of the interconnectedness between biodiversity and humanity.

Mrs. Magaswary and the team

Upon arrival, the JOBA team was warmly welcomed by the headmistress, Mrs. Magaswary Rajagopal, and her team, setting a positive tone for the day's proceedings. The visit commenced with an introduction to the BIONITY concept by Uyirmeiyyar, the esteemed Founder of JOBA Australia. Through engaging discussions and presentations, Uyirmeiyyar effectively conveyed the principles and significance of BIONITY to the audience.


Mr. Manoharan, the dedicated Country Leader of JOBA Malaysia, elaborated on JOBA Malaysia's efforts to organize programs focusing on bio-farming, health, and other well-being practices for the benefit of children, teachers, and parents. His insights provided valuable context and perspective on the practical implementation of BIONITY within the local community.

Mr. Eronimus and Dr. Tamil Parithi

As part of the visit, Mr. Eronimus and Dr. Tamil Parithi conducted a training session on the concept of BIONITY for the teachers, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to integrate BIONITY principles into their teaching practices effectively.

Pamphlets and Badges

Pamphlets outlining the key principles of BIONITY were distributed among the attendees, serving as valuable resources for further exploration and understanding. Additionally, badges were awarded to student ambassadors, recognizing their role as advocates for environmental conservation and holistic education within the school community.


A significant outcome of the visit was the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between JOBA Australia and SJKT Vallambrosa, symbolizing a commitment to collaboration and partnership in integrating BIONITY into the school's educational curriculum and ethos.

Overall, the visit to SJKT Vallambrosa in Kapar proved to be a fruitful and enriching experience, fostering meaningful dialogue and laying the groundwork for ongoing collaboration in advancing the principles of environmental stewardship and holistic education within the school community.

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