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JOBA, an incorporated initiative from Australia, promotes nature centric philosophy, helping people understand the need to protect planet, people and march towards prosperity and sustainable living. JOBA is a platform for online courses, centred around this philosophy. Our focus areas are Universal human values, Sustainable living, Life skills development and Creative art forms.

Four Pillars of JOBA

Universal Values


Values are the beliefs that each person considers are important for himself and possibly for humanity as a whole. Values deeply influence all behaviors and attitudes and affect our decisions and relationships. They provide clarity and guidance.


For a value to be truly one's own, the person must act on it and her/his behavior must reflect it – not just verbally accept it or think that one should follow it.

Sustainable Living


Sustainable living is trying to live in a way that reduces, or lessens, our use of the Earth's natural resources. The natural resources that come from the environment include food, water, plants, and minerals. Sustainability is the idea that humans must interact with the environment in a way that ensures there will be enough resources left for future generations.


Sustainable living is a practical philosophy that aims to reduce personal and societal environmental impact by making positive changes which counteract climate change other negative environmental concerns. More simply, sustainable living is a method of reducing one's carbon footprint.

Life & Work Skills


Any skill that is useful in one's life can be considered a life skill. Personal skills are essential life skills we need to help maintain a healthy body and mind. Interpersonal and communication skills are the skills that we use to make connections with other people and are therefore an important part of what makes us human.


Learning skills [Critical Thinking, Creativity,Collaboration and Communication] teachers children about the mental processes required to adapt and improve upon a modern work environment.


Literacy skills [ Information literacy, Media Literacy, and Technology Literacy] focuses on how children can discern facts, publishing outlets and the technology behind them.


Life skills [Flexibility, Leadership, Initiative, Productivity and Social Skills] take a look at intangible elements of a child's everyday life.

Creative Art Forms


Art is the conscious use of skill and creative imagination, especially in the production of aesthetic objects. The art can be broadly sorted into categories such as painting, graphic design, illustration, sculpture, literature, architecture, film, music, theater, and fashion. 


Creative art activities can help children in all areas of development including, physical, social, cognitive, emotional, imagination and experimentation.

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