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Does the education system promote Consumerism?

Third Conversation:

Papaya Tree and Television

One day everyone in a family went out for dinner. A branch of a papaya tree near the window of the hall talked with the television.

Let us listen to this conversation:

” Hello! TV… How are you?” asked the tree.

” I am fine Papaya, thank you. and by the by How are you?” whispered TV.

” I am fine too. But is it not boring all the day sitting there at the corner of the hall playing to the tune of the remote control?”

” No. I am educating the people to buy the goods in the market. I am educating them what dress would suit them. I am entertaining them with sports, cinema and documentaries. I am informing them with the latest and current news of the world. I am amusing children with cartoons and stories.” said TV proudly.

“But, don’t you realize that you also give wrong information about consumerist goods and make them more materialistic?” enquired Papaya Tree.

“How can you blame me? The people who have produced the goods and those who advertise are ‘well educated’ people. They know what is good for the people and what is not. Isn’t it?” asked TV.

“Now, listen…you bring evil things from other cultures and make people forget the richness of our indigenous way of producing food, cooking, dressing, building environment friendly houses, nature based medicines, telling stories and the world view.”

” Why do you blame me? Those who promote outside culture are ‘well educated’ people. Don’t be suspicious about their intelligence.” reiterated TV.

” The food products and medicines that you advertise contain non-consumable elements. It is not good for building up a healthy society.” the tree was sad.

” Do you think that those who do this are not aware of these? They are ‘well educated’ and will be concerned about those issues.” said TV.

Their conversation was interrupted by the sound of car. The family entered the house with plastic bags full of things. As they entered the house, they switched on the TV. There was an advertisement about a new product made out of ‘natural food’ from papaya.

Let us reflect from the conversation between the papaya tree and TV. Is it not true that those who produce goods, advertise them and sell them are educated in our schools? Were they not taught about preserving nature, keep environment clean and healthy, have fair trade, be sincere in sharing information? Were they not taught about preserving our indigenous culture?

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