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Historical Analysis for the pitfalls of the present education system

Lord Thomas Babington Macaulay

What is the reason for the handicap of this present education system?

The answer is very simple. The present education system has not come out of our culture. It is a borrowed system from British culture. At the end of 18th and 19th century, industrial revolution took place that changed their society from agri-based feudalistic system to industry based capitalistic system. There was a need of disciplined workers who have the skill of job and who have the skill of reading, writing and counting. They were given uniforms to have an identity with the factory. They would be punctual to the working place. They would not talk anything against the administration but timid in nature. So, they created an education system with these values and attitudes of discipline, uniformity, punctuality, obedient and timid and with the skills of reading, writing, counting and a fair general knowledge. British introduced the same education system in their colony countries to serve the ‘powerful and mighty’.

Any one who has common sense could understand why the dog is happier than our children are. Could understand the questions of the elderly teacher.  Could understand the questions of a school student to his Head Master. Could understand what papaya tree feels about us.

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