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I love exams. You know why? Because that is the opportunity for me to PROVE myself.The tips that I write here are from my own experience of writing exams. Use them and score high marks.

Here are John’s tips:

  1. 1.     Create your own timetable:

  2. Write down how many exams.

  3. Write down the dates.

  4. See if you have holidays before exams.

  5. Plan your study according to the available time. Give more time to subjects that are needed more time. Give less time to those that are needed less time.

  6. 2.     Where do you study?

  7. Is your study place a quiet place? If not find one.

  8. Is it a clean place? If not fine one.

  9. Arrange your text books, notes and stationary in an orderly manner.

  10. 3.     Group study

  11. Plan group study only for subjects that demand it.

  12. Plan with the right person to study with.

  13. Plan the right time. Avoid distractions.

  14. 4.     Short Notes

  15. Revise, Revise and Revise.

  16. If mathematics, do, do and do.

  17. Study the matter and take a short note like a flow chart.

  18. If possible, give an image for an idea.

  19. Give connections to all the images and create a story.

( Example: If there are five ideas in Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs, create five images. First I give the ideas and later I give the images and the story. The five ideas are the following:  Basic physiological needs like food, Safety and Security needs, Love and Belonging needs, Self Esteem  (Respect) needs and Self Actualisation/ Achievement needs.

The five images may be: A full plate cooked chicken for basic physiological need, A Lock for safety and security needs, A Heart for love and belonging needs, someone saluting for self-esteem and respect needs, and a Trophy for self-actualisation/Achievement needs.

Now the Story: A cooked chicken’s leg are locked by a lock. The lock is in a heart shape. The heart breaks.  A boy and a girl come out of the broken heart. The boy salutes the girl. Girls give a golden trophy to the boy.

The secret you need to know: You need to tag and tie the two immediate images in a funny way while you create a story.

When you are in the exam hall: Think of the story. The cooked chicken, Lock, Heart shape, Salute and the Trophy. Get the images. And get the ideas. The cooked chicken for …………….( can you say? Yes. Physiological needs like food). The lock for …………………( have you got it? Yes. Safety and Security needs). This is the secret.

  1. 5.     Your Physical well-being:

  2. Eat right. Right food. Right time. Keep away from junk food. More nuts will be good. Eat protein before long exams. Not carbohydrates.

  3. You need to stay alert and hydrate your body

  4. 6.     Keep Exam things ready:

  5. Pack your stationary case early. Make sure your pens work and your pencils are sharpened.

  6. Make sure you have all the necessary equipment you’ll need as well like rulers, compasses and calculators.

  7. 7.     During Exam:

  8. Read the instructions and the question paper carefully. ( I have seen most students do not do this.)

  9. Do the easiest questions first.

  10. Don’t waste any time. I have seen students spending the first hours leisurely and the last hours hurriedly. Plan up your exam time. Don’t exit an exam hall early. I have never done in my life.

  11. Write legibly.

  12. Attempt all questions. Never leave any questions unanswered.

  13. Where-ever needed write the number of questions in the left margin. (I always write the question in BLACK pen, underline by PENCIL, write the answer in BLUE pen and draw finishing line with RED pen. You may think that it is not possible and would take more time. In my experience it is not. It has just added more mark.)

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