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What is moral dilemma?

Introduction to Ethics: ( Moral Dilemma)


John: Child!….this is called a moral dilemma.

Questioner: I don’t understand…can you please explain?

John: Child!….you want to say TRUTH (remain truthful) and also want to save the boy. Isn’t?

Questioner: Yes.

John: you have two options. Let’s say A and B. If you do A, you can’t do B. If you do B, you can’t do A. Can you relate this to your situation?

Questioner: I want to save the boy, that’s A. I also want to be truthful, that’s B. If I save the boy, I can’t be truthful. If I say the truth, I can’t save the boy. I must accept either A or B.

John: so what is moral dilemma?

Questioner: Moral dilemma is a problem offering two possibilities, neither of which is practically acceptable. Both possibilities are dangerous.

John: Well said. This is moral dilemma.


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