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2024 March 18 - Meet up with Y.B. Tuan Papparaidu, Minister for Human Resources and Poverty Eradication, Selangor, Malaysia

Updated: Apr 5

Introduction of delegation

JOBA International convened a significant meeting with Y.B. Tuan Papparaidu, the Minister for Human Resources and Poverty Eradication in Malaysia, marking a pivotal moment in addressing societal challenges and fostering sustainable development. Dr. Kumaran Velu, esteemed member of the JOBA team, commenced the meeting by introducing the delegation and providing a comprehensive overview of the purpose and context of the gathering.

Holistic Education

Mr. Manoharan, the esteemed country leader of JOBA Malaysia, elaborated on the innovative Bionity Concept, emphasizing its potential to address pressing issues related to human resources and poverty eradication through holistic education and environmental stewardship.

Potential Future Programs

Uyirmeiyyar, the esteemed Founder of JOBA Australia, shared insights into JOBA's extensive engagement in Malaysia, highlighting past accomplishments and outlining potential future programs aimed at further advancing the organization's mission and impact.

Collective Expertise

The meeting also saw the participation of Mr. Santiago, the Country Leader of JOBA India, and other distinguished experts, whose collective expertise and dedication further enriched the discussion.

Critical issues facing the nation

Y.B. Tuan Papparaidu, the Minister, expressed his enthusiasm and eagerness to collaborate with JOBA on implementing the proposed program, recognizing its potential to address critical issues facing the nation. He pledged to work together with JOBA to explore opportunities for partnership and mutual cooperation in advancing the shared goals of human resource development and poverty eradication.

Fostering synergy

The meeting concluded on a positive note, with both parties expressing their commitment to fostering collaboration and synergy towards achieving meaningful societal impact. It marked the beginning of a promising partnership between JOBA International and the Ministry for Human Resources and Poverty Eradication in Malaysia.

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