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2024 March 20 - Meet up with Y.B. Tuan Sundarajoo, Minister for Housing and Environment, Penang, Malaysia

Updated: Apr 5

Minister for Housing and Environment

JOBA International convened a significant meeting with Y.B. Tuan Sundarajoo, the Minister for Housing and Environment in Penang, Malaysia, marking a pivotal moment in advancing environmental and educational initiatives in the region. Led by Mr. Subbarow, the team commenced the meeting by providing a comprehensive overview of JOBA's mission and the purpose of the gathering.

Groundbreaking Bionity Concept

Mr. Manoharan, as the esteemed country leader of JOBA Malaysia, eloquently elucidated on the groundbreaking Bionity Concept, emphasizing its relevance and potential impact on fostering sustainable development and environmental stewardship within Malaysia's educational framework.

Longstanding Engagement

Uyirmeiyyar, the Founder of JOBA Australia, shared insights into the longstanding engagement of JOBA in Malaysia, tracing the organization's history of collaborative efforts and achievements in promoting environmental awareness and holistic education.


The meeting witnessed the presence of esteemed individuals such as Mr. Sangga, a retired headmaster, and Dr. Kumaran Velu, alongside other distinguished team members, whose collective expertise and dedication further enriched the discussion.

Environmental Sustainability

Y.B. Tuan Sundarajoo, the Minister, expressed his enthusiasm and keen interest in the proposed program, recognizing its potential to significantly contribute to the region's environmental sustainability and educational advancement. He extended a warm welcome and invitation for the JOBA team to present a paper elaborating on the program, highlighting its key objectives, methodologies, and expected outcomes.

Shared Vision

The meeting concluded on a positive note, with both parties expressing optimism and commitment towards collaborating to realize the shared vision of fostering a harmonious relationship between humanity and the environment through innovative educational initiatives.

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